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Sebenza System and satiworks, the optimisation and convergent marketing consultancy are delighted to have been engaged by the UK-based NGO 'Waterwise' to optimise its existing website and develop its online marketing strategy.

Born from the main UK water suppliers, the primary role of Waterwise is an independent, impartial advocacy, information spot that utilises its strong information base to get key facts out to the UK general public, businesses and media regarding water saving methods to help meet water efficiency targets.

'The key to water efficiency is reducing waste, not restricting use.' says Jacob Tompkins, Director of Waterwise. 'Consumers can help reduce waste by making small behavioural changes such as turning off the tap when brushing your teeth, always using a full load in your dishwasher and washing machine and taking shorter showers.'

satiworks will be undertaking to transform from the existing library site into a social interactive campaign and educational tool which is easily found and relevant to both young and old members of the general public and businesses.

Sebenza Systems will be creating the refined backend and tools that are recommended following satiworks' SEO architecture best practice guidelines.

About Waterwise

Waterwise is an independent not-for-profit UK NGO focused on decreasing water consumption in the UK by 2010 and building an evidence base for large-scale water efficiency.

Waterwise receives the majority of funding from the UK water industry and additional funding through sponsorship and consultancy work.

Waterwise is part of the Water Saving Group, a ministerially-led group which brings together key water industry stakeholders to promote the efficient use of water in households. Other members include Defra, DCLG, the Environment Agency, Ofwat, representatives of the water companies, Water UK, and the Consumer Council for Water.

About Sebenza Systems

Sebenza Systems, named after the Zulu translation of "work", delivers information strategies that change the way that people operate.

Of course we do websites and increasingly our clients ask for more than simply a presence on the web. We are being approached by businesses seeking a strategy that develops interactions between them and their customers, business partners or staff members.

Our interfaces provide the structures needed to realise a modern approach to work and information flow. Sometimes this is a site that can be updated by the companies' staff or perhaps ordering mechanisms that the staff of a supplier or customer can work with.

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